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Christian Ladigoski

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Christian Ladigoski is a Film/Soundtrack Composer, Executive Producer, and Multi-Media Entrepreneur owning ventures in digital marketing, production, and filmmaking. Christian has produced music for 12+ years, has written soundtracks for

Andrew Akler

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Andrew Akler is an Award-Winning New York City based Film Director, Screenwriter, and Composer who has inspired thousands of viewers through his powerful storytelling. To this day, Andrew has produced

Aakaash Bali

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Born in New York City and grew up in Queens, NY, Aakaash Bali combines photography and editing to create elaborate stories. His fascination with art started young when he picked

Abe Bello

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Abe Bello has been working with filming since he was 10 years old. His passion for film making was cultivated from all the times he would run off with his

Lauren Lauder

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Lauren Lauder has always been interested in sound and how it impacts everyday life. She has always been fascinated with different music and how its made. Often times she would

Isabel Flemming

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Isabel Flemming is a photographer and student from Long Island. Originally from New England, Isabel moved to Long Island to attend school. Since then she has found a passion for